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At the end of my tether / Controlled Jolt
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The double barrelled title encapsulates the contradictory nature of the work. Its focus is on the the boundary between public and private space.
The first half of the title refers to the personal relationship, an emotional connection, between the objects and the space. Shifting their position and orientation radically, shaking them from their possessional and functional bounds. Acknowledging also, the slapstick physical violence of the act done to myself.
The second half denotes the public. This is the title given to the act itself; the verb. It is descriptive of the motion of the body, the object, moving through different spaces, private for the object and public for the body. Unless in the case of when the possession is able to make the transition through the veil of the two realms. Where the object passes the window or other opening.
The trailer holds the quality of being, in theory, less attached to society, connotations of traveler communities and people who live on the fringes of society, economically and socially. However unlike the caravan it is actually quite immobile. This particular trailer's abandonment for some years left it condemned to isolation. It was unable to be dragged away for fear that it would be torn apart.

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