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Sand Timer House

The collection of our possessions, how we move through the home, and the endless transfigurations that the home undergoes, create a rhythm. Places we routinely rush to pass through and those that we pause in. Utilisation and wastage of the space we inhabit.


The rhythm is passing, in leaving our homes we leave a human-sized hole, stripped of context it returns to a vessel. However, the spaces we live in hold a memory of us, and vestige of the previous.


The project is to make a house into a sand timer. The sand would be made up of all the possessions found there. The interior walls would be removed from the top and bottom floor leaving just the supporting structure. Everything that has been taken away would be refined to a dust. The duration of the installation would be dictated by the time taken for everything to pass. Visitors would see the progression of time passing through the home.

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