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Talking Toaster
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A toaster that comments on gendered domestic divisions of labour.


No… I’m not going to… I’m not going to make your toast.

I know that you say that I was born this way, and born to make toast, but I don’t really want to just toast bread. I know that I have toasted bread, and that sometimes I enjoy making toast, but there are so many other things I can do. In fact I think that we’ve become so locked into this cycle of me toasting bread and you getting me to toast bread that its all become this system that it is very difficult for me to escape from.


And what now, if I do not submit? How will I be punished if you feel I have not fulfilled the one purpose that you have decided I can do? Will you cast me aside?


You have put all that I am, that I can be into one thing an object, with a sole purpose.


You know what you can have your bread back because I will not be toasting anything today. Make your own toast.

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