I am drawn to the boundary between public and private, the play of straddling between intimate and impersonal. The knotty intersection of production and domesticity. Where space and objects pass through a veil and move from seen to unseen, back and forth. Transitioning sometimes awkwardly, or with discreet sleight of hand. The ways in which individuals occupy and control their surroundings, both their direct environment and their attitudes to ones that they have no relation.
More recently a creeping stickiness has come over my thoughts, concerning ecology. The bleeding partitions that have been of intrigue to me previously move outward to larger symbiotic realities.

This work has most often taken on the form of sculpture and installation, but also performance, video and print. I tend to work more with found objects as it is important for me to carry over authentic markings of reality into the abstractions or fantasies that result. It's in continuity to the subject matter being addressed; that impressions on materiality are brought through to different realms. A pivot that gives the work momentum is sometimes it's framing; it invites a new meaning or awareness of how we perceive the objects, or of what they themselves symbolise or indicate.

I completed my BA (Fine Art & History of Art) at Goldsmiths in 2018. Before that I did a foundation at London College of Communication (LCC) in film studies. Previously to this I had been working extensively in the film industry.

My work has been exhibited in London, England numerous times as well as Berlin, Germany; Stara Zagora, Bulgaria; Puebla and Chemuyil, Mexico. I have been invited to art residency's in Puebla and another in Chemuyil, Mexico as well as Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. In 2015 I was  nominated for NOA's Moving Image prize.