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Conor Ackhurst (b. 1995, London, England) is a visual artist. He works predominantly in sculpture and installation as well as video, print and performance. Ackhurst creates installations that feature assemblages of found materials framed by structures. These structures frame spaces that are typically considered 'safe' for humans, yet they have been condensed in a way that evoke a sense of tension or danger, such as the crushed interior of a car, a passageway transformed into an impossible collision of doors, or a cave narrowed to claustrophobic proportions. This simulated world-building acts as a confrontation with potential violence, presenting it as a boundary experience.


In 2023 Ackhurst was one of the finalists for the CIRCA prize, his film screened at Piccadilly Circus, as well as on screens in Berlin and Milan. In this year he also received the Developing Your Creative Practice grant from Arts Council England. Recent exhibitions include Opening at Soft Commodity, Holborn; 2 FOR 1 curated by Thorp Stavri and Haze, in Hypha Studios Stratford; Ancient Vessels curated by Emma Papworth and Noelle Turner, in APT Gallery; Behold curated by Sasha Galitzine, in Hypha Studios Mayfair;  The Worm at the Core, curated by Cristiano Di Martino with assistance from Ackhurst, in SET Woolwich; Quarry as part of the Dovetail series of exhibitions curated by Marina Moro Lopez, in London Fields; Lost in a just-in-time supply chain curated by Josh C. Wright, in Hypha Studios Catford; I knock on your skin curated by Pia Zeitzen, Dominique Croshaw, Nimco Kulmiye Hussein and Ackhurst, in SET Woolwich. The work has been exhibited in London, UK; Berlin, Germany; Stara Zagora, Bulgaria; Milan, Italy and Puebla and Chemuyil, Mexico. In 2022 Ackhurst was awarded the OMNI Award and in 2015 he was nominated for the National Open Art, Moving Image Award. He has been invited to residencies in Bulgaria and two in Mexico.





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