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3-Channel video installation.

The monitors in the headrests play two seperate films. The films are made up of car advertising material, digital animation and scenes from dash cam recordings, moments prior to impacts between automobiles. Sourced from compilations of crashes found on platforms Youtube and 4Chan. On the front monitor is a video from a car driving through the tunnels under Helsinki, which were built as a city-wide bunker.

The installation explores themes of obsession, fetishisation, and death through car crashes and societal responses to potential annihilation. The work draws inspiration from JG Ballard's "Crash" and references ideas of hyperreality and the internet in its exploration of these themes.


The video is 5.28 minutes long and plays on a loop for a total of 10.56 minutes. There are two versions of the film, each with a different score: one by Miranda Remington and the other by Madison Willing. They play one after the other.

A version of the video was selected and shown as part of the CIRCA 2023 Prize. The video was displayed on the screen at Piccadilly Circus, London as well as on screens in Berlin and Milan.

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